Community Migration

We all know that an individual accused of committing a crime is innocent until proven guilty. However, since a long time ago, a lot of innocent people have been incarcerated and are already living most of their lives in prisons.

Check out the statistics below:

Even with these statistics, people in the society often have a stigma on individuals who have spent years in prison, whether these individuals are guilty or not. At Barnes & Sons, we aim to help get rid of such stigma by educating the members of the community about the reality of the situation.

Most especially, we understand how difficult it is for these wrongly convicted individuals to reintegrate into their communities. This is why we are here, offering our help via community migration, giving them the chance to slowly take back the lives that they have lost due to being accused of something that they did not do.

If you wish to help, we would be glad to discuss the ways on how you can do so by calling 678-886-1860 today.


People clapping

Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Here at Barnes & Sons we want to help all individuals succeed at their second chance and we need your help!

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We will upload more events and news items online. Please keep checking our website. Call us for any inquiries or to ask for support - 678-886-1860.

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